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S. C. Zega Impex
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About us

S.C.  Zega Impex S.R.L. Suceava has been acting in the field of acquisition, transformation and   export of fungi and wild fruits since 1995. The acquisition activity is performed in different regions of Romania: Suceava, Bistrita, Gorj, Hunedoara, Maramures. The wild fruits and mushrooms are transformed in Iacobeni, the place where the company performs its activity. Our products are exported to different partners in Italy, Austria and France.

Our company is equipped with refrigeration systems such as:

  • A storage room at +20C;
  • A rapid freezing tunnel at -300C;
  • A storage place for preserving frozen products at -200C
  • A mushroom drier and a space destined for the transformation of wild mushrooms and fruits.

For the internal and external transport of our products our company has a diverse motor vehicle fleet (trucks, refrigeration utility vehicles).

Our company’s main activity:

Acquisition, transformation and export of wild mushrooms and fruits.

Other activities:

Acquisition of herbs, transformation and export of nuts and pumpkin seeds.

S.C. ZEGA IMPEX S.R.L. - Suceava Romania Tel. 0040 744 779 762 Fax - 0040 330 409 646